Agency Standard Pricing

Please view the current agency standard pricing below.

Account Setup and Billing Fees
Insurance Link® Account Setup Fee$19.95 per user
Third-Party Account Implementation Fee$19.95 per account
Agency Monthly Service Fee$5.00 per month*
*When reports are ordered on agency account

Product Pricing
C.L.U.E.® Auto Summary$3.50*
C.L.U.E.® Personal Property$3.25*
Property Data$0.60*
A.D.D.® (Additional Driver Discovery)$1.00*
HOV (Home Ownership Verification)$1.00
NCF™ (National Credit File) - Individual Report$3.25
LexisNexis™ Attract™ Score w/Individual NCF™$3.95
Loss Score with Individual NCF™$4.05
NCF™ (National Credit File) - Joint Report$5.25
LexisNexis™ Attract™ Score w/Joint NCF™$5.95
Loss Score with Joint NCF™$6.85
VIN ServicesSM$2.00
Solutions at Quote$1.50
LexisNexis™ Current Carrier™$2.00
MVR (Motor Vehicle Reports)$0.60*
*There will be an additional charge of $0.30 if delivered on-line

Last updated on 1/8/2013